Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Grandma Duty

My daughter had some things to do today so grandma duty it was, I had bought these really cute tooth fairy bags from

They loved them, well they needed a bigger bag to put this bag in so the project begins. First it was off to the scrap box...
Now this in itself is a task as there is so many scrapes... We found just the right scrapes, got some pipping and bias tape to match now we just need to sew them so to the sewing room...

They do such good work, well at least they put their little hearts into it.
 Look at that we have a start, it wont be long now.
Look at that I just folded over the top gave it a little decorative stitch, pipped the two pieces together added bias tape for the strap top stitch everything. This was very simple and they turned out so cute...
As for the girls here is their finished work and I say job well done.
It was a very enjoyable day.



  1. awwwww what fun, and to be able to sew with your lovely grand daughters to that must feel so nice. Great little bags love the fabric. dee x

  2. I love the bags. Looks like the grandkids have a blast helping out.

  3. Your Grandkids are adorable! you guys made really cute bags. Blessings, Joanne

  4. honey!!!!love your blog!
    awesome post

    follow u of course