Monday, June 14, 2010

What made me do it?

I have been content to be the passenger on the back of my husbands Harley for the last 15 years. Well early May 2009 something happened, was is it midlife? Hmmm!!! I was working and my husband went for a ride not like this was anything new. After all it wasn't like an organized ride or anything. But it bothered me I mean it really bothered me, I thought I wish I could go for a ride when ever I wanted to. So I called and scheduled an appt. to take the Riders Edge course. Well Memorial weekend I took the course I passed.

March 2010 my birthday my Husband did it he bought me my own Harley a 2003 100-year anniversary addition Sportster 1200.

I have not rode sense I took the course. So I had my husband drop at the raceway I told him I would practice until I felt like I could ride home. This is when it happened when I was ready and pulled onto the road I felt it! The feeling of power of control of freedom, I felt what it is that makes people ride.

In the next three and a half months I have rode over 1000 miles, I live in Utah and it has been cold so I have rode every minute that I can. I LOVE IT!!!!!!


  1. awwwww bless you i can imagin how you felt theres nothing like that freedom feel ;-) Well done you. I grow up with bikes my father used to belong to a stunt team and jump throw fire etc so i kind of understand the buzz for you. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and becoming my 100 follow i can't believe it really. I will enjoy following you, good luck with your blog journey, dee x

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